Standards help to bridge the gap between research and market.

STAND4EU will address 4 main technological domains, namely: Additive Manufacturing (enabling technology); Welding (conventional well stablished process); Smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Artificial Intelligence (technology oriented) & Circular Economy.

Moreover, three transversal and cross cutting aspects to the 4 domains will be also addressed to ensure a wider impact, and assess the societal benefits brought by: Humans in industry & Social Sustainability; Environmental Sustainability and Agility & Resilience. Adding to this, the excellence of the proposed coordination action is based on the following facts:

  • The action is performed by researchers and research managers who are directly involved in standardisation work (see section 3.2 capacity of participants and consortium as a whole);
  • The methodology is based on past and ongoing work carried out by research and innovation performers and standardisation organisations;
  • The content of the work will be focused on a set of key industrial enabling technologies, as well as key societal targets, while also making sure that the methodology can be applied across an even broader range of industrial technologies and societal impact areas.