Standards help to bridge the gap between research and market.

What is the STAND4EU Portal

STAND4EU project identifies the bottlenecks that hamper the interaction between research and innovation and standardisation and will formulate remedies and recommendations that will close the gap between research and standardisation actors and processes.

The STAND4EU Portal is being populated with inspiring examples of how research and innovation projects have contributed or are contributing to standardisation. The STAND4EU portal facilitates the collection and the sharing of information about the obstacles, associated remedies and best practices towards the industrial and research & innovation community and the standards developing organisations.

In the near future, the Portal will also include pointers to available supporting training services and networking, herewith acting as a one-stop-shop for all related standardisation research and innovation matters.

STAND4EU portal shares examples of how the implementation of standards have supported industrial innovation within these projects (and their industrial use cases), and also provides clear examples of where projects have provided input to the work of standardisation committees.

You do not need to register into the portal to navigate it. But if you want to contribute with content, we recommend to have a look at this page: Basic Guidance.

Check the video above for a guide tour of the STAND4EU Portal.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact us through our contact page.